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The Chrome Theatre
Sep 2004 to present: The "Chrome Theatre" project, to build a four-car garage with a second floor for the home theater, is documented here. Reduced to a single floor garage after costs became an issue, check here for the continuing story from planning to demolition to construction. Last updated October 22, 2006.
June 2003: To replace the "Beaverboard" walls with drywall, the second major renovation was quite an undertaking. See what we found inside the walls and the interesting things we learned about the house's design.
March 2003: We shelled out some cash to have the electric meter on the house upgraded to 200 Amp service and install a new circuit breaker panel.
October 2002: The first major repair work on our new home. See what it takes to redo a porch that used to cover the coal room.
This is our new home as of May 2002. See the new location for our growing used car lot.
October 2002: We sold our 1999 Beetle and replaced it with a much cooler car we call "The Limo".
November 16, 2002: A small incursion with a Ford Explorer caused a few "dimples" in our year-and-a-half old PT Cruiser. See what cost the insurance company over $8000 to repair.
June 2001: Our 1966 Lincoln needed to have its transmission rebuilt so we removed it and rebuilt it in the garage. Read about our "practice" car and see how it all goes together.
Old cars require lots of work to keep running. See the inside of the front of a 462 as we replace the timing chain.
'66 Seat Rebuild
The seat mechanism on my '66 Lincoln didn't work. I ripped it up and rebuilt it from the inside out.
Edelbrock Replacement Card
After 8 years of bad gas mileage and poor performance, I decide to replace the carb in the '66 with an Edelbrock 1460 electric choke 600cfm carb.
Upper Back Panel Limit Switch
Rebuilding an upper back panel limit switch for a 60s Lincoln takes some skill.  If you are willing to learn, then check out my guide to rebuilding them yourself.
One floating 750 lb. 462.
December 2006 to May 2007: The biggest Lincoln project yet, this winter, we pull the motor to repair leaks and detail the engine compartment.  We find a cracked manifold, missing harness guides, broken cage nuts, and lots of other things.
April 16, 2003: The Fiero is replaced with a modern, more reliable, more fun, Honda del Sol. See the last model year of an unusual car now part of our fleet.
This is Bunsen.
Our Amazon Parrot: Bunsen.
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